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Garansi Resmi Casio 1 Tahun
Original Product
Full dot , 4 line display
Simple & Compound Interest Calculation
Investment appraisal ( cash flow )
Converts between percentage interest rate and effective interest rate
Day calculation
Bond calculation
Break Even point calculation
Cost / Sell / Margin
Slide on Hard Case
Solar Plus with Battery Back Up
Two Way Power ( Solar & Battery )

Technical Specifications

Display type: 62 * 192 FULL DOT
Natural display
Algebraic input logic: Natural V.P.A.M.
Number of characters/lines: 16/1+10/1
Icon menu
Significand function: 10+2

Repeat function
Variable memory: 9
Number of storable programs: Calc / Solv button

Basic mathematics
Functions: 552
Scientific constants: 47
Unit conversions: 40
Bracket levels: 24
Fraction calculations
Angle dimensions DEG/RAD/GRAD
Conversions between >DEG/>RAD/>GRAD
Coordinate conversion Pol
Trigonometric functions sin/cos/tan/sin-1/cos-1/tan-1
Hyperbolic functions sinh/cosh/tanh/sinh-1/cosh-1/tanh-1
Exponent, log, In, 10x, ex
Mathematical functions ?, x2, x-1, 1/x, x!, ?, xY, ?, x1/y
Calculations based on n (hexadecimal/decimal/binary/octal)
Logical operators (AND/OR/etc.)
Calculations in the sexagesimal system
Percentage calculations
Prime factorization
Technical notation ENG/ENG
Calculation with technical symbols
Calculation of complex numbers
Random number generator
Random integers
Base-N calculations
Value table

Summation of ?x, ?x2
Summation of ?x, ?y, ?x2, ?y2, ?xy
Standard deviations for grouped and ungrouped values
Distribution functions (normal distribution and inverse normal distribution, binominal distribution, Poisson distribution)
Regression analysis
Permutations (nPr) and combinatorics (nCr)
Matrix calculation/vector c

Printing Calculator Casio DR-120 R
Dengan Fitur Check Ulang
12 Digit
Bisa Print dan Reprint (Print 2x)
Termasuk Kertas Print Sample
Sudah ada tinta
Siap Pakai
Colok Listrik
Ukuran Besar,
Dimensions (D W H) : 376.5mm 204.5mm 111.2mm

Large display

Large, easy-to-read display.
Key rollover
Key operations are stored in a buffer, so nothing is lost even during high-speed input.

Calculate the cost, selling price, or margin of profit on an item, given the other two values.

Tax calculation
Automatic calculation of price plus tax, price less tax, discount, selling price, tax amount, discount amount, and margin amount.

Regular percent
Regular percentage calculations.

All the mark-up/mark-down capabilities of an adding machine for simplified cost and profit calculations.

Line printing
Line printing for higher speed, superior print quality, and quieter operation.

2-color printing
Positive values are shown in black, and negative values are shown in red for easy checking.

4.4 line-per-second printing
The value indicates the number of lines printed per second.

Heavy-duty durable keys
Keys are produced by injecting plastic of two different colors. Key markings are plastic, which means they do not wear or fade with use.

Digits : 8
Power : 2 Power
Memori : Tersedia
Betry AA

Kalkulator Kenko CT-8122 Tombol Besar Auto Replay Dua Layar 12 Digit
* 12 Digit
* 120 Steps Check & Correct
* Memmory
* Battery
* Dual Layar
* 211x154x30mm

Kalkulator Kenko tipe CT-857-120 
12 Digit, 
auto replay, 
120 Steps 
Check & Correct

Digits : 8
Power : Battery
Baterai : 1x LR 1130
Nama : KK - 185A
Merek : Kenko
Tipe : KK-185A

Digits : 8
Power : Battery
Baterai : 1x LR 1130
Nama : KK - 185A
Merek : Kenko
Tipe : KK-185A

Digits : 8
Power : Battery
Baterai : 1x LR 1130
Nama : KK - 185A
Merek : Kenko
Tipe : KK-185A